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 Autonomous Launch and Recovery of Drones from Any Moving Vehicle

No Stop Needed.

Connecting the World in Motion!


Multiple Integrated Products

Connecting a World in Motion 

Our groundbreaking products – (Tular v3.5, Sensor Fusion Engine, Maestro Mission Controller and On-the-Edge Flight Control software) – are at the forefront of technological innovation. They seamlessly connect the dots to launch and recover drones on the move. 

Autonomous Launch and Recovery 

Imagine the possibilities with our cutting-edge technology. Our four integrated products work in harmony to enable autonomous launch and recovery of drones from any moving vehicle – without the need for a stop. Let us customize Tular's size and features to meet your needs.

Versatility Across Domains 

Whether it's space, air, ground, or sea, our products have a use case. Addressing the needs of the $500 billion commercial delivery market and military applications, our solutions are versatile and robust. 

Dual Use: Both Commercial & Military
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Our device, Tular, enables the launch and recovery of both rotary and fixed wing drones from any moving vehicle (truck, car, plane, train, ship, etc.), autonomously, and even during windy conditions. Tular works for both military and commercial use cases and has been demonstrated it over 65mph.

Commercial Use Cases
Explore the versatility of autonomous drone technology across these use cases, each contributing to increased efficiency, safety, and productivity in various industries. 

Package Delivery

   - Revolutionize the delivery landscape by leveraging autonomous "No-Stop Needed" drones for efficient and swift package delivery services. 

   - Estimated $500B drone package delivery market by 2030.

   - Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 49% through 2030 (est.)

   - 800,000 trucks in use today in North America

Oil, Gas & Energy

   - Transform Inspections and Methane Checks: Enhance safety and efficiency by deploying drones for inspections and methane level assessments. 

   - Revolutionize Offshore Wind Farms and Oil Rigs: Optimize maintenance and surveillance in offshore environments using autonomous drones, even in windy conditions.

First Responders.png

First Responders, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief 

   - Enable rapid response and effective disaster relief efforts.

   - Employ autonomous drones for real-time assessments and resource deployment. 

   - Deliver critical supplies and/or medicines in austere locations.

Use Cases
Ag Drone.png


   - Transform agricultural practices by integrating autonomous drones.

   - Tasks include crop monitoring, pest control, and precision farming. 

Land Management and Livestock Management

   Improve land and livestock management with the use of drones.

   - Tasks include land surveying, environmental monitoring & herd control.

Military Use Cases
With Tular's NO-STOP NEEDED Launch and Recovery, we keep our warfighters focused on the mission, while on-the-move, with autonomous UAV capabilities. Key applications include:

Arsenal Modular Mission Payload (A-MMP)

   - Tular installation options: Bolt-on/Strap-on/Embed.

   - Enable swarms with high cycle rates for launch and recovery.

   - Large magazine of UAVs from any platform, fully autonomous ops.

   - Deploy autonomous CCA/UCAVs remotely from anywhere.

   - Provide reload and relaunch economics = lower cost per shot.

RheinMetall SMET A-MMPv1.png

Family of Special Operations Vehicles (FOSOV)

   - Enable every vehicle in the FOSOV to have local ISR while on-the-move

   - Enable Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (cUAS)

   - Provide Electronic Warfare (EW) at extended ranges for mobile SOF

C-17 Arsenal Aircraft with CCA / UCAVs

   - Global reach with Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) and Uncrewed Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV).

   - Enable inflight CCA/UCAV recovery, refueling, recharging, rearming!

   - Launch and recover CCA/UCAVs without a Main Operating Base (MOB).

   - Roll-on/Roll-off Tular package allows any C-17 to provide combat support.

   - Provides self-defense as High Value Asset during extended transit distances.

Next Generation Combat Vehicles (NGCV) and Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET)

   - Integration of fully autonomous capabilities with UAVs (drones)

   - Both Manned/Optionally Manned and Unmanned platforms

   - Supports Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

   - Support lethal payloads, including creating swarms

   - High cycle rate launches and recoveries (every 15 seconds)

Miltary Use Cases

M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT)

   - Leverages local rotary and fixed-wing UAVs while on-the-move

   - Provides for a first look, first-shot advantage while prosecuting an attack.

   - Increase local/upper echelon Situation Awareness during maneuvers.

   - Enhances and accelerates decisions: Observe/Orient/Decide/Act (OODA).

Nuclear Convoy Protection / Convoy Operations

   - Tular installation options: Bolt-on/Strap-on/Embed.

   - Enables High Speed operations, even at 65mph.

   - Tular is drone agnostic: Works equally for Rotary and Fixed Wing UAVs.

   - Provides extended range overwatch with local or remote control.



Is a fully integrated commercial device for launch and recovery of both rotary and fixed wing drones, autonomously,  from any moving vehicle, at all speeds. Tular integrates all of our products into a complete solution to connect the world in motion with all modes of transportation. These innovative products are:

  1. Sensor Fusion Engine

  2. Wrap Around Flight Controller

  3. Maestro - a Mission Control System

  4. And more coming soon!

Integrated Tular v3.5 FW RW.png

Sensor Fusion Engine (SFE)

   - Seamlessly combines multiple sensors

   - Same SFE on Tular and certified drones

   - Plug-N-Play once integrated and certified by Target Arm

   - Provides extremely precise localization and position

   - Graceful degradation as sensors and their relevancy fluctuate

Wrap Around Controller.png

Wrap Around Flight Controller

   - Drone agnostic master controller for autonomous flight control

   - Fixed wing and rotary wing drones

   - High cycle rate for faster than human inputs

   - Compute is On-the-Edge for faster processing

   - Integrates AI/ML techniques for continuous learning and improvement

Infotainment - Mission Control.jpeg

Maestro - Mission Control System

   - Master mission controller for many Tulars and many drones

   - Matches any Tular to any drone and ensures launch and recovery

   - Enables asset tracking real-time on moving map displays

   - Enables First Person View (FPV) when drone enabled

   - Enables remote control from anywhere

   - Provides chain of custody and airway bill encryption and tracking

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