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Project Tular


Tular is the world's first, and only, universal launch and recovery platform for both rotary and fixed wing UAVs, of variable sizes, on the move. Tular creates a new warfighting capability by enabling combat deployment of UAVs from and between any of the Services’ massive inventory of maneuvering vehicles (tanks, Humvees, planes, helicopters, trucks, war-ships, etc.) – a true Joint capability, cross-Service, cross-domain, cross- vehicle. Any Tular can operate with any UAV if it fits in the breech. The result is revolutionary, asymmetric and disruptive warfare. And it’s dual use commercially for the global supply chain for automated package delivery!


Tular uses simple, known technology components combined into a patented, pin array solution that launches, recovers and stores UAVs with the same breech. Using two counter-opposed pin arrays, Tular essentially launches and recovers each UAV inflight. Its scalable, modular design allows the same system to fit on large or small vehicles. With autonomous precision navigation, a single operator can seamlessly launch, recover and stow multiple, mixed loads of UAVs, in a hands-free manner; including rapid rearming, recharging, and changing payloads all while on the move.

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